From 1958 until 1967, Murray “the K” Kaufman ruled the airwaves of New York. Yet, today, he lives on... in the memories of his listeners and the legacy he left behind – taking musical performances out of television studios (20 years before MTV), putting rock on FM, and adding multimedia at nightclubs and discos (years before the Fillmore Auditorium or Cheetah debuted).

He integrated rock ’n’ roll performers – black and white and Latino – on a single stage... long before the government passed civil rights laws. But the only race riot was the race to buy a ticket to those Brooklyn Fox shows.

And Murray discovered new talent. Great talent. Bobby Darin. Dionne Warwick. And dozens of other performers who got their first break thanks to Murray the K.

So, if you’re old enough to remember New York in the ’60s, take a tour back in time by clicking though the collection. If you’re here because you want proof that nothing could be as cool as your parents say it was, well... Murray would agree with you.